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In 2011, the development of Youthworx social business, known as Youthworx Productions was created. It is focused on the delivery of film and DVD products and fee-for-service media training. Some of this income earning work that has occurred to date has includes Promotional and Training DVD’s and Webcasts, Documentary Films, Artist EPK’s, Music Videos and Digital Story Telling Training. Youthworx Productions has been established on the basis of the success of Youthworx Media and shares the same core philosophy – the engagement of highly marginalised, disadvantaged and homeless young people in a creative and transformative experiential process that reconnects them to mainstream society. Youthworx Productions operates as a commercial enterprise with financial as well as social imperatives. Young people are offered traineeships in a real-world enterprise that will give them valuable skills and a higher level of employability in the future.



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