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Youthworx Media is a program of self-transformation and expression for highly disadvantaged young people using media production as a means to improved access to education and employment pathways. The first innovative program for disadvantaged and homeless young people developed by YDA was Youthworx Media. Youthworx commenced funded full-time operations in 2008. The program offers an ‘access’ component whereby young people can engage in activities or short projects without a further longer-term commitment. A more structured accredited training program is provided at Certificate I, II, and III levels and this is highly successful.

Youthworx Media is Youth Development Australia’s most successful demonstration project and involves a number of project partners including The Salvation Army, SYN Media, Swinburne University’s Institute for Social Research and NMIT TAFE in a close on-going collaboration

YDA is developing YWX along four strategic paths – a social enterprise to create employment opportunities and experience for YWX trainees; a foyer-like development that is able to provide support and stable accommodation for young people involved with Youthworx who need this wrap-around support; an outreach capacity to take YWX program to other sites in Melbourne, and lastly an expansion of the Youthworx Media model to other sites through Australia in partnership with community agencies.