Goodbye 2020, and hello to a better future for young people everywhere – this is our 2020 year in review.

What an incredible year this has been. COVID-19 has completely disrupted our economy and society, and the impact this will have on young people’s futures will be felt for some time to come.

As we start to come out the other side of the pandemic, as a society, we still have an opportunity to address the pre-existing weaknesses and issues in our education and employment systems and the transition between both. We must continue to push for a fair go for all young people. 

The NYCA has been working to deliver this new future for young people throughout 2020. We’ve done this by bringing together the expertise, ideas and experiences of young people, and the whole of the Australian community, to build a reform agenda that sees all young people equipped and supported to fully participate in work and the community now and in the post-COVID-19 world.

This year we presented the Youth Futures Guarantee, launched at the Youth Futures Summit in the hope that this community developed strategy for young people can inform the future of youth employment and transitions in Australia.

Our hope is for State, Territory and Federal governments to adopt the Youth Futures Guarantee so that young people can thrive in the future. 

Image of an end of year infographic representing visual data from the National Youth Commission Australia